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    Heyy guys, here is a great way to start off learning

    No tutorials,just check this out ---

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    Wow quite nice site since through this site we can learn ASP by just watching videos..
    Thanks for sharing this link with us...

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    Once you have learned i am sure you would like to start with some project.Here are some free started projects which you can download and start editing to make your website instead starting from the scratch.


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    Once you have made your project you would surely like to test it online.No,you dont have to pay for a web hosting.You can test it online by using free hosting service.

    Here is the link to one of the free web hosting service----

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    its quite interesting i was thinking to join a class for learning but this link is pretty interesting and good i got an idea seeing it. can you post related links so that i can even engage with those things. where can i get these links.

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    i like really Micks86 that site is really nice. on that site many new things are available .

    thanks for link.

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    Nice ASP.Net resources. Thanks for sharing If you're starting out with ASP.NET, I'd suggest you go with C# rather than VB. C# is more powerful and there's more resources online for it.

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