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Thread: Picking a color scheme

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    Picking a color scheme

    Every designer needs inspiration. Picking a color scheme can sometimes be a tough task without something to inspire you.

    Adobe has a great online tool called Kuler which lets you make, store and share color schemes. It's a great tool for getting color scheme inspiration for your design projects.

    What color schemes do YOU like? Do you tend to use classic colors (which are already proven to be good for visitors' eyes), or you are more of an experimentalist and you use wild colors?

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    thanks mate. I personally think that each color has its unique feel and should be used to match the context

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    I tend to go for either a white/dark blue combination, or a completely retro feel... I don't use color scheme generators much, it's more of a trial and error process for me

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    Color can really make or break a design too, whether it's too much , just wrong combinations or none at all..

    There's a cool program called Color Impact which can help you create nice color schemes and palettes as well as teach you the theory behind it all.. It's not free, but it's worth trying for free to see if it's useful for you.

    Creating beautiful color schemes with ColorImpact
    Basic color schemes: Color Theory Introduction

    For a couple of years I only liked to made black gloss interface style designs like the Warmachine Template , slowly I managed to push my limits a little and injected some color into my last black gloss site template at XsiTech

    Been moving towards clean white site designs with a bit of color and a bit of black gloss, trying to get a more subtle and smooth style. I really liked Mozami's site when I first saw it for the colors, now that kind of color background header style is being replicated in stock templates everywhere.

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    Wow...this is a nice work from adobe.. shall use this henceforth on every designs...
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    Using it right now. Great tool for the color blind (or seemingly) like myself. Thanks.
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