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Thread: Please advice?

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    Please advice?

    To make a long story short, we have used a company in Ukraine to program a complex web page that we have designed. It was supposed to take 3 months, but after over 1 year it is still not finished. The website is 90% ready, but every time they fix a bug they make 10 new bugs - and I do not know if we dare to continue to use them.
    I have made a few websites before, but this is the most excruciating experience I’ve ever been through. In addition, the company now want us to pay them the final amount (that was supposed to be paid when the page was finished) + hourly rate of the hours they spend on getting the page ready - even though we have not made any changes in design or content. In addition they write the number of hours with a fork when we compare the number of hours on similar projects that we have worked on earlier.

    What I wonder is:
    - Is it smart to find a new company to make the site ready, or should I torment myself even more to get them to do the job 100% done?

    - Will a new company be skeptical to complete a project that others have developed?

    - I reckon that it is an open code that has been used to program the Web site. Can a new company have trouble finish coding the website?

    - They have installed the Web page on our dedicated server in USA. Will we need the codes to the web company in Ukraine before a new company can finish programming our Web page? I do not want to pay them the final amount for the completion of the website if they do not finish it.

    - I have heard a lot of positive things about programmers in the Philippines. Have any of you experience with freelancers or a company that you can recommend for some advanced projects?

    Regards from one who is in the process of developing a large ulcer!

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    Tough situation.

    If someone missed the deadline for such a long time, I'd just blow them off and wouldn't pay them anything. However, what should you do now? I would try to push your current programmers to finish the job they started, and give them an ultimatum. If they don't finish the site within a certain period of time, you won't pay them a cent because they didn't deliver what they started and promised to deliver. If they do finish it, you'll pay them the whole amount.

    If everything falls through, be sure to find a reliable company/freelancer who will do the job right. I think there are some good programmers here on NB. Good luck!

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    I do understand your situation. But before taking any decision, please check the agreement properly and find if there any way to turn this situation to your betterment.

    There are chances for them to file a case if your agreement contains anything regarding cancellation such as paying the full amount after the agreed period. Have you mentioned anything about hourly rate?

    Check about the labor low of Ukraine. Then you can make sure about the points what you going to talk with your service provider.

    But my advice would be, try to push them hard and get this thing done as soon as possible. By cancelling the service you may have to go through another hassle by finding another provider, their payments and getting the source codes.

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