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Thread: Purpose of frameworks

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    Purpose of frameworks

    I am new to web development and have been learning new things, but i don't understand the purpose of frameworks like wordpress and all. I mean why should i prefer them if i want to set up a site of my own?

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    First thing, Wordpress is a CMS - or content management system. These are good for making it very easy to add and manage content. They provide a good platform to build a website on top of. There are many plugins and can make complicated tasks easier by using code someone else already wrote for the job.

    A framework would be something like Symfony ( or cake php. Frameworks provide a base set of code to work within. The actual features within frameworks vary greatly, but an example would be a database layer that allows you to insert data by doing something like:

    $newListing = new Listing();

    This code would insert a new object Listings into the database with the category set to cities.

    Frameworks essentially allow you to sit down and start coding the features to your application quickly, without worrying about rewriting the base set of code, or framework, to provide functionality for stuff you do in all of your applications.

    Here's an article I found in Google quickly where you can read more: Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which? - Noupe
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    If you want to learn coding then you should avoid frameworks IMO, but if you are part of of team that needs to put together a client solution quickly, then Frameworks will speed up your development time.

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    Everyone has their personal preferences about frameworks.

    I coded very basic (more modifying current applications) PHP for about a year, until I dove into Symfony. From there I've been able to successfully develop any thing I've wanted to so far. I would recommend them personally.
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    Thanks for clearing my doubts on frameworks.

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