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Thread: Reduce the loading time of a web page

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    Reduce the loading time of a web page


    Let us discuss methods to reduce web page loading time, as this is very important.

    One thing is to optimize your images.


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    Using less loose images and create sprites

    Also: make your HTML good and serverside coding should be tested for speed and slow code should be removed. And keep calls to external services in AJAX.

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    don't add too many ads and flash image
    don't put too many article/content in homepage.

    @gaya, i just know that programming code is also related to loading time. thanks...

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    and, cut off the resolution of your image size.. anything below 100kb will do u good instead of huge 2-5MB images.. lol
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    I think i disagree with your advice to use no flash. Flash is OK, since it's not in a big size. Just like what you're said, anything below 100 is OK. Then, just make flash below 100kb size.

    But, even anything is below 100kb, but you put it too many, the result will same, your page will opened slowly. Just said if all size is 50kb, but there is 50 images, that's mean 50x50 = 2,5 MB

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    addition :
    if you really need flash for your website. you need to use 3rd party sofware to reduce the size of your flash.
    and for image.. you can use png optimizer or other optimizing tools
    and javascript too.. just search javascript optimizer @ google. there is one that free..

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    Since I dunno much about script, to prevent the loading time just make sure you put the images smaller and the article would be wise it not too long (since it would be boring to read it all)

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