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Thread: Which sites do you use for design inspiration?

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    Market analysis? I usually look at the industry leaders for that niche, and then follow a similar path. It's what others are used to.
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    Google, TV, Looking at Competiton, Web2color palette its all good

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    Most of the time I just look at vectors and whatnot on google.

    Other times I tend to use line25. It's a great site with tons of inspiration on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TNIxeye View Post
    may be u can look to this site here are the desciption "The "Mono"face site lives up to that motto by presenting visitors with a fun and simple Flash application that allows them to sculpt a Mr. Potato Head style face that contains 759,375 entertaining possibilities."

    i hope i can make site like that too
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    I just go to some really nice gallery site and then I get inspired

  6. CSSRemix is usually where I start, then I open a bunch (usually minimum of 10) links outbound from there and repeat the process as many times as it takes for me to have some idea of what I plan to do.

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