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Thread: Strange opening in a new window

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    Strange opening in a new window

    update: SOLVED!

    On this page:

    When click 'Return to the main sales page' link on the bottom, it open in a new window, but reality is I didn't add the target=_blank tag, why it still open in a new window without such tag, I want it to open in the same window.

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    could be some JavaScript on the page causing it to do that. I'll have a look...

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    I can't find the link thought :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsdesigns View Post
    Nope, the link does have target="_blank" on it...
    Hey thanks! It's not in my link, but I go check the source code and found there is
    <base target="_blank"> inside the header, so I remove it and it's ok now, thanks for the tip!

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    The link is not opening.

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    ProSence, this thread is more than 2 years old.
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