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    I'm not sure if this is the right board, but I've learned quite a bit from I think all webmasters should know (or attempt to learn) html and several other commonly used "languages". Anyways, their a great reference or learning guide.

  2. Yes, W3Schools is really a great place. When ever I have needed to know something i've gone there.

    I think most people start learning from there.
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    Yeah, W3Schools is a great reference, and when I *attempt to* learn HTML this summer, I'm guessing it'll be my homepage

    Infact, it taught me my first ever bit of code... how to add links! Quickly followed by <br/>, <em>, <strong>, <blockquote>, <h2> etc... basically all the things that I do on my blog

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    Okay. I never used W3CSchools to learn HTML and CSS.
    I used a very ugly Dutch website to learn HTML. But the tuts where very good haha!
    Dunno where I learned CSS. Not there.

    I only use W3CSchools for CSS property references.

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    I used to give W3CS a couple of visits when I was setting up my freebies site, but from what I remember, some tuts on it were a bit outdated. It was still helpful though!

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    I started off with w3schools and some are a bit outdated. Tizag has some good tuts also.
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    When you guys say it's a bit outdated, how do you mean?

    Sorry to sound newbie, but surely code doesn't change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    When you guys say it's a bit outdated, how do you mean?

    Sorry to sound newbie, but surely code doesn't change?
    ...they release new versions of stuff all the time. Adding more CSS options etc. Code is always changing, how do you expect new stuff to come out?
    But there is a bit of truth in your statement, the foundations will always be the same. For now haha.

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    Well it seem you guys already graduate from the W3SC ha ha
    I just start learn there.. since I try to modify my joomla so I just visit the site to learn step by step how to make my joomla site more catchy on eyes.

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    W3C Is great and helped me code my websites and has helped me become a competent designer would recommend to anyone!


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