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Thread: Web Design Software?

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    I will go for Dreamweaver and Photoshop. They are really helpful in designing a website.
    And the most trusted and in which the task can be accomplished easily.

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    .... You really do not need "software" to code a project. You need to know how code html,php,css, and all other languages from scratch. Yes, using software like dreamweaver is nice to have, but if you do not know how to code, then your project will not function properly. Also, you can just use notepad, and change the file extension and it would work perfectly.

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    The most of the people in web designing industry use photoshop to create logo or psd version of the website.
    Few features were unleashed by Adobe in the beginning of this year. Check out here. Hands On Review of Photoshop CS6 Beta

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    Dream viewer is best web design software which will help easily to make a web design and this software have unique feature that it will automatically write the code when we design web.

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    Since I work from home I prefer free tools and for logos and graphics use: InkScape (vector graphics and SVG files) and (for JPEG and PNG). These tools should satisfy your needs if you can't afford Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop, or you are ethically against running cracked versions of the software.

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