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Thread: Web Design Software?

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    In all that we do online, or even offline, we need softwares that can guide and help us make our tasks faster and much easier. What kind of softwares are you using to design and make your website?

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    To design website i use photoshop cs3 and illistrator cs3, i get my friend to code the designs since im not very skilled at that yet.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by cheesy View Post
    To design website i use photoshop cs3 and illistrator cs3, i get my friend to code the designs since im not very skilled at that yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by KMRock View Post
    I use photoshop cs2
    I think both of you are graphic designers. Right?
    I would like to take courses in that field since I really lack in the design aspect. By the way, I have already finished a web design course.

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    CS3 is very weight. CS2 is very good .I think you should use CS2.

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    Dreamweaver, Photo shop, HTML is the very helpful software of making web design and editing.

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    I avoid tools like Dreamweaver and Photo shop since they take too long to learn how to use them. I want to start being productive with a tool that is intuitive within minutes without having to study how to use it, this is the way the best apps. work IMO. Nowadays, we have zero tolerance for tools that need us to study (or go on training courses) for weeks to be able to use them.

    In the bad old days we had Compuserve, Dot Matrix printers, Dial-up modems, Auto Cad, Word Perfect, Net Objects Fusion, Adobe Acrobat, MS Paint, MS Frontpage,
    Windows 95 Upgrade on Floppy Disk, and many more that I only remember in bad dreams.

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    As per my view you can use the dreamweaver and the photoshop web design software. Both of this software would be ideal solution for your problem and it is easiest software to use. Moreover this software is quite cost effective.
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    Here's what I do for web design: I create my layout in Photoshop and do all the graphics. Afterwards I use Dreamweaver to put it all together.
    The entire Adobe Suite is the "best software" for web design.

  10. If you're not using a CMS with a theme/template (such as WordPress), then Dreamweaver really is the way to go.
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