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    Web design tutorials

    Well, After so many years on the web I think it is time for me to learn how to design a complete website.

    Are there any good websites that can walk me the whole way through the complete thing? Possibly a site that teaches you how to code a modern web 2.0 design.


  2. Generally you will see only get tutorials to design and code separately but recently There was this AWESOME tutorial going on a blog for 14 days that covered everything.

    Let me look up my bookmarks and I'll link you to some good tutorials.

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    Here it is:

    How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme*Tutorial

    Some more links:

    Photoshop tutorial to design a clean business layout | Grafpedia

    How to Create a Blog Design from Scratch? | Blog design Blog for Blog Designers

    Are you looking out for WP themes or just general websites?
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    Just general websites. Next would be joomla themes

  4. Quote Originally Posted by matt4 View Post
    Just general websites. Next would be joomla themes
    Okay, I have some on those too. I'll link them a bit later.

    Anyways why don't you try WP instead of Joomla? It is wayyy easier and popular, so more support, plugins etc.
    The only advantage of Joomla is it is HIGHLY customizable.

    If you are very new I recommend WP, unless you have some specific reason.
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    I'm planning to have my new webhost designed in joomla just like before. I feel Joomla is more powerful and more suited for this kidn of application then wordpress. I'm not designing this myself my designer will be however I just want to become familiar with joomla first.

    I haven't seen full use of a wordpress application in any other use then a blog really and when I have it still looks blog like.


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