Hi All,

i remember my old days when i first started to using internet, i was addicted to one site which actually was a very simple personal home page of a person.

when we visited the homepage.

it launched as if your system is booting up.

first showing some linux kernel loading messages. and then will start checking parameters like screen resolution, flash plugin, javascript support and simmilar stuff.

and will keep on loading some stuff and then black screen will fade and off will emerge a look of desktop. where in some icons were placed in webpage and when we clicked on them a popup sort of opened up in middle of the page giving us the information about that section.

I loved the site a lot. but back then i was zero on coding or didn't even understood what HTML was.

and now when i know all this and if i have a chance to visit the site i can actually see what's going on, at this point i don't have the site.

so a simple appeal if anyone recognize the site by the illustration of mine or if someone can actually create it. I would love to have such a home page.