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Thread: What is best software to develop a website ?

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    Dreamweaver, Adobe photshop, Adobe flash, for developing database you can use Asp, visual studio. for more website developement

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    If you are professional developer use adobe dreamweraver. And if you are begineer try to use notepad most of the time. As we talk about programming for web development then PHP is best. Php Application Development

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    The best software for developing a website are Adobe dreamweaver and photoshop. These are the best. I use photoshop for better quality images and color combination and dreamweaver for layouts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Westhoff View Post
    If you are just beginning web design and would like some type of a drag-and-drop application, then you may like Adobe Dreamweaver. It is commonly used by beginner programmers/web designers due to it's simply, easy to use interface. It is, though, not free. If you would like a free and/or open source alternative you have many options, such as NVU, which is a similar drag-and-drop web designer. If you would like a CMS (Content Management System) that essentially is a pre-built series of files that allows you to simply post content and have the site run itself, then you may want something similar to Joomla.
    I do agree that you may like the Dreamweaver. It one of most famous site editor tool. It offers template so that changes can be easily made in the JavaScript file. Using this templates you make the site more attractive and beautiful.
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  5. You can combine some software to build website, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or free site builder that offer by hosting company. You can build and customize some website using these software.

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    I like combination and integration of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, the only drawback is there is no Linux versions but there is a lot similar software for Linux.
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    Dreamweaver is the best software to develop a website.

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    photo shop, dreamweaver, and HTML is best way of web site development.

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    Wordpress and dreamweaver are the best software that you can use specially for a newbie like you.

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    Well,There are a number softwares available for the web creation,but the best or benchmark softwares for web development are Photoshop and Dreamweaver....Photoshop is the best image editing software especially for the web used in creating and slicing of web pages...On the other hand Dreamweaver is a tool used in integrating the web pages and for editing the code......Dreamweaver is the best HTML or Web editor......

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