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Thread: What is best software to develop a website ?

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    I think you better start with Notepad.

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    I wonder what replies you will get on the other forums where you posted this exact same question.. ?

    What is best software to develop a website ?
    What is best software to develop a website ?

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    I found the best Micromedia dreamweraver.
    very good software

  3. Usually the best answer is to use what works best for y...

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    If you are just beginning web design and would like some type of a drag-and-drop application, then you may like Adobe Dreamweaver. It is commonly used by beginner programmers/web designers due to it's simply, easy to use interface. It is, though, not free. If you would like a free and/or open source alternative you have many options, such as NVU, which is a similar drag-and-drop web designer. If you would like a CMS (Content Management System) that essentially is a pre-built series of files that allows you to simply post content and have the site run itself, then you may want something similar to Joomla.

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    Dreamweaver. Don't use its Design mode if you're getting into serious coding. I use it because of the autofill features in its code mode and it has an inbuilt preview window. Also has options to directly upload files to your server via ftp, thus convenient and helpful in site management.

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    Mike has it right....
    why waste time and money on anything else?

  7. Hy,
    I use Notepad++, its of for coding, its free and also has useful addons you can instal.
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    I personally use dreamweaver and ofcourse notepad, if you're a beginner then you would be better off working with WYSWYG softwares.

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    Notepad++, it's definitely the best.
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  10. Ok since others are answering mostly with Notepad and Notepad++ I thought I'd add my recommendations:

    On Windows:

    Aside from Notepad++, which isn't a bad choice (though ugly), there's also:

    • Aptana - Powerful and good looking (at least better than Notepad++), but might be overkill for some.
    • InType - Rarely mentioned, but very nice and elegant. It's still in alpha, but last time I tried it worked quite well.

    On Mac:

    • Smultron - Excellent little editor, probably the best at this price for Mac. It used to be free, but with the release of the Mac App Store the author started charging $4.99, but it's still cheapest around.
    • Aptana again.
    • Coda - At $99 it's pretty pricey, but might be the best code editor for Mac based web devs.

    On Linux:

    • Kate - Absolute best if you ask me, especially if you pair it with the Dolphin file manager as your SSH/FTP client. Things like seamless drag and drop of files to edit on your server become possible. It's free.
    • Gedit - Not a bad alternative, clean, simple and has similar integration with Nautilus as Kate does with Dolphin.

    Also Aptana..

    There are others, but those are the ones I found best and most elegant.

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