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Thread: What do you think is the best background color?

  1. I like white but, I tend to go with the light gray (#CCCCCC). White is sometimes a little to bright for me.

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    to health, I think the best is green, because green symbolizes nature.
    according to the study, those who see the green color will feel calm

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    I would suggest you White.


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    White is best for any type of website. It give more readable experience.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by imported_has007 View Post
    Some ppl prefer white but green background color will be a good choice for a health niche website.
    Same here. I prefer a white background color for a health website. If you really want to put green, what about going light green?

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    I prefer white, keep it nice and clean looking.
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  7. Hy,
    I use a shade of blue, relaxing for the eyes: # e1e2fe
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    I prefer to choose blue to be the background. Blue is the colour of sea. As to the foreground, maybe we can use yellow. This collocation sounds wonderful
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    Yeah blue is nice color if it is sky blue then it is more better.
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    Its good can also make it white & red...

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