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Thread: What do you think is the best background color?

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    I believe that this is a ridiculous question because the design of your website should depend on many factors including your market, your potential customers, legibility, and convenience. I generally just go with white though because it is simple and generally doesn't interfere with other elements on the site, regardless of color.

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    You can try White, Red, Green colors are best for health, medical's websites background.

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    Which color is the best in a website is all depends on many factors such as about what your site is. If I have my website I would go for light and silent colors as these give relaxation to visitors eyes and will look very professional. The colors such as white, light blue, green are the best. But it is best to take advice of web designers experts they can guide you the best.
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    I think white is the better strategy to use, it's more stylish and smooth, maybe you may well would like execute a whitened to some really gentle green gradiant? Merely a thought.

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    There are lots of site have are using white background.The most of big site have using simple white color and blue.

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    It should be combination of dark green and white..

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