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Thread: What do you think is the best background color?

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    What do you think is the best background color?

    Can someone suggest what is the best background color for a health niche website?
    I'm choosing between white or green.
    Any suggestion. Thank you.

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    Some ppl prefer white but green background color will be a good choice for a health niche website.

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    I would prefer the site to be white in general because it reminds me of doctor lab coats. Green reminds me of herbs, and flowers and doesn't sink in much although I think of medicine. I think, white would be better because the font can be easily seen as well. If you can, try having a white background with the colors black and green splashed around.

    Hope it helps!
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    I think white is the best way to go, it's more stylish and sleek, maybe you might wanna do a white to a really light green gradiant? Just a thought.

  5. I like light blue with white lines. I personally find that logo the best. It looks modern, bright, and live.

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    I think white and light green color is very good looking for health sites.
    Sometime light pink with light green or white color is looking sober. Color is a important factor for look because whenever user visit your site it can’t read all things on your site so first color can attract to the user.

  7. For a health site, I would definitly suggest either white, light blue/sky blue or light green. These colors are what I mostly see on health niche web sites and they look really good.

  8. I think white color is better for a health niche website.

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    Yes, white always works well!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by KMRock View Post
    Yes, white always works well!
    But using white only can be very plain. Try to use color combinations o make it more attractive.

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