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Thread: What Free Image Editor?

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    What Free Image Editor?

    Ok, I tried a Photoshop trial and my computer can't handle it. So, what is a good free image editor for Windows?

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    Try GIMP it's completely free or InkScape (vector graphics)
    if you don't feel like downloading you can try the online image editor SumoPaint (flash-based)

    have fun

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    I can also say that GIMP is really good but I have only used that and Photo Shop so I cant tell you what is the best but I recommend Gimp.

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    I'll give another vote for GIMP. Top-notch program, and it's open-source. And OS software is the best!

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    Thanks guys, I have gone for GIMP.

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    For Windows, there is a nice free light-weight app called Paint.NET

    I have tried the Gimp but couldn't make as good a logo with it than I can with Paint Shop Pro (not free - which I normally use). I had difficultly making a text-based logo with gradient fills for both the border and inside of the text combined. However, I understand that the Gimp may be good for creating 3D box art, that's why I downloaded it.

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