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Thread: what java can do?

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    Yup, totally agree. The use of Java for websites IMO started to die when Microsoft split out to their own Java in IE which required users to have to download current versions of the Sun JRE...add in the other bads, and became good for niche devl!

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    i am not sure about other uses but i use the ready code to add effects on the website i create for my clients.

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    I do believe that Java is a little outdated for many applications. While it is alright for large-scale gaming, most of it can be replaced with faster, better supported PHP.
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    Java is great for busting through proxies and revealing the real IP address, since like flash it has access to raw sockets. Very good reason why you need to block it when using a proxy and you want to stay anonymous.

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    Hello All..
    I think java is a platform independent language and provides some special features. Which can cost higher than others.
    Today many free sources are available thats why java is not so popular in world..
    But java has the power to create a something special which is not possible with other languages..

    Thank you.

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    No, I didn't mean that. Though I'm not sure if it's possible to create pure SEO Java site, I meant, programs you can create using Java is also possible using other programming languages. If they cannot do the same, at-least similar task can be done.

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    I'm not a big fan of Java and the Run Time Environment either. I agree with the previous reply about it seeming to be more of an outdated language, but you will often still see it on the majority of quality and old websites so it cannot be ignored so readily.
    Cheers Tim,

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    Java is almost simple to use as a development language. The general-purpose of high-level Java programming accent is a able software platform. The Java is use for deployment technologies and user interface toolkits.

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    I'm not sure whether it was possible to create a pure Java South-Eastern Europe, I meant, you can create programs using Java can also use other programming languages​​. If you can not do the same thing, the task can be done in less similar.

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    The most common type of program could be applet and application, a Java application which is a separate program, running directly on the Java platform. A special application called the server, service and support clients on the network.

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