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Thread: Where can I acquire this kind of template?

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    Where can I acquire this kind of template?

    I'm looking for a template like on this site. I have looked around am willing to buy, I checked out templatemonster, but they have only templates like this.
    Which is fine if your making a corporate site or something, but thats not going to work for my idea. I want unique template. I'm willing to spend 60 bucks maby.

    Anyone know of template site where to acquire templates like that? lol
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    Did you see how much unique templates cost at TemplateMonster?

    I'm sure there are designers out there who are willing to do a custom design for you for $150-$200. Add coding to that... and you'll have to spend around $300-$400 minimum -- for a unique and original site design.

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    Well if you got the non-unique version from templatemonster it still be pretty unique.
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    I can design a similar yet unique template for $60 USD. But you'll have to find a coder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    I can design a similar yet unique template for $60 USD. But you'll have to find a coder

    Do you mean a PHP coder? Or coder to turn a psd into a template?
    If PHP, well it so happens one already lives in my brain, so yeah no barrier there.

    Actually I have found a template that will suit my purposes I bought at Strangly enough of all the templates, I found a shopping cart template like for oscommerce and it fits the bill. lol
    But I have small job I will need you to modify it, if your capable, I'll pm you with info.
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