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Thread: Windows 8 Usability Assessment

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    Windows 8 Usability Assessment

    Recently posted on Jakob Nielsen's website:

    Bottom line seems to be the UI is fairly non-intuitive and hard to use...worse on non-tablets than the Surface tablet. May explain the recent leadership changes at the company.
    Microsoft's Windows Boss Is Out - Digits - WSJ

    I haven't tried it out yet except to muck around on a display model at WalMart while the wife was shopping with the teenage daughter...

    Anyone out there have experience with upgrading a Windows 7 box to Windows 8? I gave up on upgrading existing Windows OS's about 10 years ago other than installing service packs when they come out.

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    That is right in line with what Microsoft has done to their Office products. They used to be easy to use, but now I have trouble finding the features I commonly use.

    I don't know why they think they need to scramble everything every time they introduce a new version.
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