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Thread: Are You Using the Google Browser Size Tool?

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    Are You Using the Google Browser Size Tool?

    Located in Google Labs:
    Browser Size

    How it Works from Google:

    the folks yabbing about it (who BTW bought the site from Shoemoney?):
    Page Layout Algo: Are You “Ad Stuffing”? - Blog -

    What I can't tell of course from these links is how much content is good/ok/bad....

    I have found about the web that the double large squares at the top of site posts has been penalized recently...most commonly used in the CTR Theme that if I remember right was recently up for sale on Flippa...

    Supposedly the Ad part of the Google Algorithm isn't like Panda (ie updates more frequently), so more direct gratification from layout testing is theoretically possible...

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    It doesn't seem like a very useful tool to me. It just seems to suggest that you had better bias your content to the upper left corner of your site.

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    I don't think it's useful at all.
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    I find this one much more useful:
    Where's the fold?

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    Ya, I think the main reason for the tool is the recent alg change to punish folks not having any content above the a "For Dummies" from Google on how to "tell where the fold is" based on avg screen sizes...for the tech savvy, not rocket science.

  6. what is the use of google browser tool. it seems a unworthy tool for seo.

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