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Thread: 99 Designs

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    99 designs is ok.

    The main problem is if you follow the site for any given amount of time you will notice most of the designs are fairly simlar. As for how orginal the work actually is thats anyones guess, there seems to be a lot of 'copying' going on if you read the comments for some of the logo's.

    Especially the logo jobs which are up for 100's of dollars. We at do the whole design on a time budget inline with the prices we charge. If we were in a position to charge high amounts then we would be in a position to work extremly close with the customer to fine tune their unique designs. You will struggle to get that level of interaction with people off 99 designs I'd expect.

    Edit: For some reason the link is borked, its in my below anyways!

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    A bit hard on the eyes, Should take a few days to get used to site navigation.
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    Best contest website ever, no scammers unlike digitalpoint or other forums. The contest holder pays upfront to 99designs so when you participate you already know if the contest holder paid upfront or not, there's so many others contest stats such as allowing contest holder to rate each design, provide comments, brief detail

    and best of all the PRICES, prices are VERY fair and professional. There's no $5 logo contest or $40 websites.

    I think 99designs is a good example of how every contest area should be like.

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    That's a great site. I liked that. At least it will be so helpful to me for my concept development. Thanks for sharing this site.

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    I'm not a fan of crowdsourcing sites at all - It's as bad as setting up $10 dollar logo contests on forums. One gets you crap and few entries and the other is a cattle call that dumbs down the process. Thumbs down on yet another nail in the graphic industries coffin.

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