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Thread: Best Design Blogs You Visit

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    What are some of the best design blogs that you visit?

    Do you learn from them, contribute to them, or why do you stop by and check them out

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    I like Mashable and SmashingMag - I follow them on twitter to get the latest updates.

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    Millions and I read upon these blogs everyday and any freelance, outland, novices out there should read these also the pro's read them. - I have read this blog since day one in November 2007 and I have never seen better from Lauren. - A great resource blog that offers the best interviews from graphic designers and nice tutorials. - UK's best based graphic designers and if you've never heard of him you've probably never heard of the rest. - Never seen better. - Mike is top class and design like his is great.

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    I like the most is
    Here is really useful content.

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