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Thread: Best Tutorials for Gimp?

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    Best Tutorials for Gimp?

    Hey guys - since I use Linux I would quite like to learn to use Gimp a bit better.

    Does anyone know of any good tutorials to get started with Gimp? Much appreciated.
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    30 Exceptional GIMP Tutorials and Resources - Noupe Design Blog - Noupe's got a good list of tutorials. Even if they're not things that you're really looking at doing, it could still pay to do them; once you're accustomed to the tools and functionality of GIMP, guidance shouldn't really be necessary.

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    Easy Gimp

    If you want to learn this fast, you can visit Gimp Tutorials - Gimp Video Tutorials - Learn Gimp Fast. It should be helpful for you. I tried this. But you can also post same question in bidanswer. They work hard to find our answer. Morever you can get a $10 credit for posting your question.

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