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Thread: Don't have Photoshop?

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    I have PS3 and GIMP, they're both pretty complicated and I'm just too lazy to try

    I use Paint.Net, and I really love it. While many people say it is very limiting, and while it cannot do some things that PS and GIMP can do, it can do sooo much more than people give it credit for, and it's much easier.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ChenPallav View Post
    can u pls tell me using which tool i can cut the pic and place the picture in another sceneries and all.And what other than this we can do in this?
    What do you mean?

    Either Photoshop or GIMP will do this -- or pretty much any graphics editor.
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    Gimp is a perfect alternative for photoshop, In starting it takes time to get used to of it, but Open source license makes it a great alternative.
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    Gimp+Inkscape (vector graphics) are my favourites.

    @ ChenPallav; In Gimp, the basics to cut a picture and paste it:

    1. Draw a coarse line around the object with the Free Select Tool
    2. Toggle the Quick Mask [shift-Q]. The outer area becomes red.
    3. Use a paint tool -for example the Paintbrush Tool- to fine draw the Mask Area around the object.
    4. Again, toggle the Quick Mask [shift-Q]. The red outer area disappears.
    5. Copy and paste the object anywhere you like.
    6. Done.

    It can do a lot more tricks like shrinking and feathering.

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    Am Still stick on with photoshop, when ever it release the updates i purchase it and make it up to date. I don't think that these photoshop alternatives can the performance and easiness provided by photoshop. But some times we may forced to use these, of course am agreeing..
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