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Thread: Free Photoshop Alternatives

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    Anyone have some alternatives that are free to photoshop?

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    GIMP, it has all the features photoshop has, and it's free. To download go to

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    Are you looking for a complete list or for software that will work with a specific OS?

  4. GIMP is the best and it runs under Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.

    For other options, take a look at Free Photo Editing Software.
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    Paint.NET is quite a good piece of software, if you want a lot of the features that PS offers then it does require you to download some plugins but it's pretty easy to use and you can create some nice graphics with it.

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    There is a project out there, called pixel studio pro. The aim is to produce a real alternative to photoshop, but the project is on hold for a while now. Pixel Studio Pro

    GIMP is not a Photoshop alternative.
    Its an other editor software, but not an alternative.
    And I'm not saying its a bad peice of software, in fact, it is well written (although misses some functions Photoshop has).. but
    it has an absolutely diferent gui. If you already know how to handle Photoshop, it'll be a pain in the ass to learn GIMP.
    So the answer might be: there is no good alternative to photoshop.

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    It you want a simple and effective free solution I also recommend for the windows platform.

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    I would agree that GIMP is an entirely different GUI than PS and that Paint is a decent workaround, but it kinda depends what you are needed to do. If you are simply cuttign graphics and modifying stuff than GIMP is a good free workaround....

    What are you wanting to do in terms of day to day tasks and with a little clearer picture of that we can help more...


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    Depend what u looking for ....
    reason for not using PS ? prices ?

    U can always find your self an outdated but legal copy from adobe by using below method :
    1. PC magazine
    2. Attend Adobe free or event.
    3. Register with adobe.
    4. Doing their survey.

    I have my free copy from adobe in 1999 (australia)seminar, is free and frequent update but never be the latest version, after few year register with them, they upgrade my license to home office license ....

    Cons : Is not latest version (one version behind)
    Pro :
    Frequent update.
    Customer Support.
    Full version.

  10. Thank you very much for the free alternatives.

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