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Thread: Which Graphics Editor Do You Use?

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    gimp and

    although main focus is on programming - so don't really use the graphics editors much

  3. I don't really do a lot with graphics,but my brother does,he has a design company,and he uses Photoshop,Fireworks and Corel most of all.

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    Adobe Photoshop CS4, i have been using photoshop for as long as i can remember. There's nothing that can come close to it, its one of the best graphics editor ever designed.
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    Photoshop or Gimp, nothing beats them.

  6. I use illustrator for graphics designing. I good software for graphics design.

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    Adobe Illustrator is my favorite and the best graphics software.Illustrator is widely used in different areas like Logo design,Animation,Web graphics.......High Quality vector output makes it special apart from its counterparts Photoshop,Corel Draw.......Logo Design is exclusively done in Illustrator only.Obviously Illustrator is my best graphics companion.........................

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