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Thread: how do i get photoshop

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    where can I get photoshop from? I'm going to need it for an upcoming project but can't find any place to download it.

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    Hello There,

    Welcome to CF!

    For photoshop you need to buy it... here

    you could however use GIMP it is basiclly the same as PhotoShop... I persionally think that it is better than PhotoShop

    Good Luck!

    Ryan Woody

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    haha, you don't have to buy it. buy it if you can, I think you can get better service that way. if not, just go to Google and search for a free download of Adobe Photoshop.

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    Rules haven't been made yet, but lets keep away from talking about torrents Phio. I have removed your post for this reason.

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    oh i didnt know that phio! thanks for correcting me

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    ah, well, I'm sorry about that then. I didn't give links or anything, though, just stating the truth. ^^" but okay, I'll be more careful next time.

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    Hey guys thanks a lot for the info.

    I'm just gonna use GIMP for now its free

  8. buy it form the website of adobe and get it from any friend of your LOL

  9. Adobe is actually offering a download of CS6 Beta here:
    Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta - Adobe Labs
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    It looks like that is a trial version.
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