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Thread: How many years have you used Photoshop

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    RE: How many years have you used Photoshop

    I am suing Photoshop from last five to six years and I just want to say that I am updating that as any new version of it comes out. I like to use its latest version every time. I like to work with it. And now I am that much familiar with it.

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    uh puppet show? otherwise, been using it since late 2003

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    Started using it in '97 or '98.

    And I'm still crap with it.

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    8 years now roughly.

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    I'm using it for 4 years now and still learning new stuffs every day
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    I am using photo shop from last two and half years. I use this software for editing images as well as its back ground by pen tool. Some of the times for putting water mark in images, I also use it. There are so many good tools are available in the photo shop for doing magical things with your design and images.

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    I am using it for 5 years.

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    Its only me who has no knowledge in photoshop or is anyone here to give me company??

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    10 years.

    @shubhamstunter we all started where you started. No worries. Just dive in and start playing around with the program.

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