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Thread: Image Optimization

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    When you resize your image on your web page to the size of a postage stamp, you really have not done anything to the image file size at all. What you are actually doing is telling the browser to re scale the image on the fly. This creates a lot of work for the browser. The image that you thought is the size of a postage stamp is still that same large 8 x 10 inch image that takes over 2 minutes to download.

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    Image optimization is really good you just need to put appropriate keyword in the alt attribute of image to earn benefits online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    HA....optimizing images just for search engines!

    Waste of time people!

    But still, if it makes you happy, spend your time doing so.
    why do you think its a waste of time?

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    Yes, Image optimization is necessary while developing a web page and gif images with appropriate alt text can help you to earn search engine benefits for your site.

  5. image optimization is important thing to get more traffic. you'll get traffic form image results.

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