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Thread: Modern Warfare 2

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    Made it a while ago. I wanted to see what you guys think.

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    Pretty cool, I think colour would have been better though

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    I like it B&W. Try adding some text (username) for it to be a real signature.

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    Thats a superb creation!! But It would have looked more good if we add some original colours to it!

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    Colors would have looked better , but the B/W looks good ; if you could add a few more graphics like spirals and all those in the background , it would have looked better .

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    You Mean A Black and White Majoring in Colour Work? That would also look Good!

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    Nice, do you have the image from what it was before you did anything to it?

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    Looks great, but some golden text would top it off!

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    that looks soo cool XD i want something similar to that with the name Lexic on it so it all blends together.

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    too blurry try to fix it

    you must be focus to the focal

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