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Thread: My Latest WebDesign

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    Re: My Latest WebDesign

    I wanna see this coded!

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    Re: My Latest WebDesign

    @kewlkreator : Yeh ill code it as soon as im 100% pleased with it by added logo and maybe a few more touches here and there..

    @Lawson : What do you mean by Brush Effects?

    Thanks everyone for commenting

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    Ah looks GREAT! I want to see a nice banner at the top though. That would make it look even better.

    Maybe add some overlay bg to your text boxes as well.

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    It looks REALLY nice!!! Really good job.

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    Thanks... I havint got any time lately to update it but i probably can try This weekend

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    It's simple and sometimes simple is the best! I'm sure it would look cooler with a nice logo, content and with the appropriate font and color! Keep up the good work!

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    Oh well, try and update it a little and sell the PSD at Its not STOCK but you can sell PSD web designs and html web designs for cheap, but money is money!

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    nice job, keep working it it tho.

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    its so good .. i like it

    its simple

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    The outlook is good.

    I love the colour.

    Had you added a logo here too then it would have been easier to comment.

    Well done!!

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