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Thread: New logo/sig

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    What do you think of the new logo/signature the i made for my forum?


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    It's decent depending on your graphics skill/ability. It looks more like you did it in paint or something. Not trying to be mean, but give the truth. Try to smooth out your text, maybe even ad Real books?

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    If you want my honest opinion.. it sucks.. its too plain and looks like sometime my lil bro ages 7 can do on Paint..

    Not trying to be mean, but give the truth. Try to smooth out your text, maybe even ad Real books?

    I didint even know they were suppose to be book until now :L

    Yeh you should try smoothing out your font, try find images of a stack of books maybe on google images or iconfinder and also try find better suiting fonts such from dafont maybe ?

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    Yeah, it looks like you've done it on paint. There is a horrible white outline around the text which looks awful and the books don't look anything like books.

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    yeah, i know I am bad at making graphics. i got a new one from someone at Forum Promotion. If want to check it out, the link is in my sig

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    vary nice i wish i could be tat good.

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    its too plain try make it more effective

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    Less is more

    Many people put too many effects in and that reduces the quality.

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    The shadow effect you used wasn't well-done. It's not bad though. I like it other than that.

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    i can't see it

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