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Thread: Odd little bug in graphics of my site

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    Odd little bug in graphics of my site

    Hey, I've had this weird little bug in the graphics of a site of mine. The site is Dr Proxies. If you look at the logo in the header, you will see a little gray line on the right of the image. Anyone have any idea how this got there, or how I can get rid of it?

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    It seems to be part of the logo .png image. You'll have to open your editor -photoshop, gimp or whatever program you are using- and erase this line on the right border.

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    Yep there was an ever so slightly not fully transparent line at the right of the logo.

    Here's an edited version I made from your png file. It should have that line cleared out now. [Attached]
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    Hah, thanks. I zoomed in a bunch and didn't see it. Sneaky little line!
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