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Thread: Red rank image

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    Red rank image

    Should I continue and make a full set?

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    Re: Red rank image

    Simple but nice . Go forward mate !

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    Re: Red rank image

    That looks brilliant, you should make the rest of the set.

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    Re: Red rank image

    Well personally yes, but I would put the background's diferrent colour's and you would be bound to see many site's use these, plus I'd love to see them when they end.

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    Re: Red rank image

    I'm thinking about making them black.

    Other than that thanks everyone.

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    Re: Red rank image

    I really like that rank image... I'm sure a full set would be a success.

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    Re: Red rank image

    Looks nice! I reallyl ike them. Good for a professional forum.

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    Re: Red rank image

    [quote name="xCuCu"]I'm thinking about making them black.

    Other than that thanks everyone.[/quote]

    But the red one looks really nice .

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    Re: Red rank image

    Looks ok :blink: If you added a Glossy Shine on the top half of it.. Then it would look cool :tup:

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    Thats Splendid, but as keitho said, you need to add gloss to its upper half, and then it would look extra professional!

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