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Thread: Simple soft to create banners?

  1. Simple soft to create banners?

    Hey there designers!

    I'm looking for some really simple software to create quick banners/headers, basically just to glue images together and stuff like that.

    Don't wanna mess with photoshop, something lightweight with only the most needed features.
    Any suggestions? Or does everyone use only photoshop? thanks

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  3. I typically use GIMP or Inkscape, but that Sumo Paint is quite impressive.

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    GIMP is what i found most effective for all banner, logo and header works.

    Photoshop is complicated and suits artworks more

  5. thanks everyone! GIMP seems to be pretty complicated too btw.

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    I use a software package called the logo creator. The version I purchased came with a set of graphics including people and nice fonts. It is really easy to use and produces great results.

    It's been a few years now, so they must have increased the graphics library, I guess.

    The Logo Creator - Logo maker | Logo design software and more

    General image editing software tends to lack useful graphics IMO

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