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Thread: Some of my work

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    Some of my work

    Here are some ranks i made for a forum of mine:

    An affiliate button:

    Some other stuff:

    And a failed sig attempt:

    And then this night vision effect:

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    Re: Some of my work

    Not that bad of a job, Darthmaul. Keep up the work and I'm sure you'll keep getting better.

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    Re: Some of my work

    Thanks guys! You rock!

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    Re: Some of my work

    What software do you use for your graphics?

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    Re: Some of my work

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    Re: Some of my work

    Their are some nice pictures you've made. I have to say I like them all, but I like the Night Vision pictures the best. :P

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    Re: Some of my work

    not bad! Love it!

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    Re: Some of my work

    You got some really nice ones and some that can get improvements on.. good job.

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    Re: Some of my work

    Thanks guys! It's great to hear that from you kik!

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    Re: Some of my work

    Thank you!

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