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Thread: Web Design Software?

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    Web Design Software?

    All respected members,

    What is some good web disign software?
    Commonly used (Capability)?

    Any help highly appreciated.

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    I use Adobe Photoshop to design websites. if you can't afford it you can download GIMP (similar software but free and open-source).

    You can use other programs like Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash for flash websites

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    Photoshop has to be it, all the way! You can find free downloads everywhere, or you can pay the insane price Adobe expects from you for it...

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    Wow, it is amazing that people never heard that Adobe Photoshop is the #1 choice of artistic web designers even though it is expensive for legitimate use.

    My understanding is that this is a paint software package so it is good for making graphics but not the best choice for designing web sites since the web site design involves a lot of planning for how to implement the coding for the CSS, templates and content management.

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    I recommend Artisteer for web design.

    it can generate wordpress, joomla, basic html, drupal and some other CMS templates.

    It has a suggestion engine so you can just keep clicking that till you see a layout you like and tweak it until you are fully satisfied.

    It took me at most 10 minutes to design this website

    It does have some limitation as in widget positioning and such but nothing you can't fix once you have the basic site created.

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    For some simple things that I commonly do GIMP is great and it's enough for me.

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    Photoshop is the best software.

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    Photoshop and Dreamweaver together can do the trick.

  9. Well i see most people say that Photoshop is #1.I always thought that Fireworks was the more appropriate of the two for designing websites,would anyone agree ?

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    Most use Photoshop, just like me -- the reason for it is that it's easy-to-use and there are thousands of tutorials for it online. It's quite costly though, but because of school I can get it for half the price
    |Nico Lawsons

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