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Thread: Your favorite graphics software?

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    Photoshop is my favourite graphic software. Because it is excellent software that offers great tools and also functions that will not available on other editors. It also supports you the option to change the background.
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    I was looking for free software to open Photoshop PSD files and to be able to edit the layers. The Gimp works well, even on Windows 7.

    Although you can open PSD files in Open Office Draw, it flattens the layers, so not so useful.

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    my vote also goes to photpshop, and i think its safe to say its the best judging by the results of this vote

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    Designing graphics for the website is the primary and the creative process in the creation of a website.The best soft wares for creating web pages are:

    * Photoshop
    * Illustrator
    * Corel Draw
    * Dreamweaver
    Apart from these soft wares the basic thing for a good web graphics is a talented designer.

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    My favorite graphic software is Photoshop.

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