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Thread: 000WebHost

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    i used them before but now i used

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    I have used them to power some wordpress blog but the mysql was so slow!

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    [quote name='Chibi' date='23 March 2010 - 03:22 AM' timestamp='1269310960' post='12158']

    1: They only do 1 site check a month. It's no big deal. If you are THAT impatient to wait an hour and a half, then you might as well not own a forum or a site.

    2: The MySQL works fine. You have to manually add/move directories. Don't be lazy and just move it.

    3: The domains are decent, if you check in at certain times. If you don't like them, just make an account, and check daily, for new ones.

    I hate people who bash this site. One of the best FREE hosts. If you don't like it, then get a paypal, get some money, and stop being a cheap and picky bastard.


    That says a lot about the quality of free hosts then if 000WebHost is considered one of the best.

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    There are a lot of good-quality free hosts. Definitely there are a lot better than them.

    When I look for a host, I do my homework. Here's some reviews of them.

    000 has mixed reviews at best.

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    I hate 000webhost, they keep getting MySQL errors with their server... I've been forced to use them for the time being until I can rack up the money for payed hosting.

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    I use this service, and it's really good. I used Xtreemhost before, and they deleted my domain!

    I don't think it's bad.

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    000Webhost is the worst web host I used. Their control panel is limited and it is slow all the time for me...

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    I used 000webhost once.. It kept me off my own forum for hours sometime days while a few of my members could access it. It happen to not just me but a few others 000webhost I think bans your IP after to many connections like using FTP or anything else that gives off to many connections to there servers.

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    Yes, it wasn't a pleasant experience. Terrible service and support.

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    I didn't used them, but i saw there forum's admin/mod looking to hire forum poster for there forum.

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