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    Has anyone here used them?

    I did in the past and I would recommend staying away from them. They're slow and have those site checks which bring your site down for a few hours.

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    Re: 000WebHost

    Yeh i also aggree also Forum softwares such as phpbb and mybb dont work on them and if they do, they dont work properly..

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    Re: 000WebHost

    Most forumsoftwares work but sometimes MySQL doesn't work right or something thus bringing your community offline for who knows how long.

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    I hate 000webhost. I hate there control panel, I hate there speeds and I hate there uptime. They are ok to host a webpage with html, but if your running a php script or mySQL don't go for them.

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    1: They only do 1 site check a month. It's no big deal. If you are THAT impatient to wait an hour and a half, then you might as well not own a forum or a site.

    2: The MySQL works fine. You have to manually add/move directories. Don't be lazy and just move it.

    3: The domains are decent, if you check in at certain times. If you don't like them, just make an account, and check daily, for new ones.

    I hate people who bash this site. One of the best FREE hosts. If you don't like it, then get a paypal, get some money, and stop being a cheap and picky bastard.

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    I have never used a Paid Hosting, but my friends say that , its a good service and that you must reply within less time if they ask you to do something

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    I used to but I really hate their "c"Panel. It's so slow compared to the actual cPanel and their whole hosting is annoying, like their error pages go to 000webhosts page. However, seeing as it's free you can't complain but there is better free hosting out there.

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    Heard they're a scam because of their registration.

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    [quote name='Coppa' date='15 April 2010 - 04:33 AM' timestamp='1271302416' post='13431']

    Heard they're a scam.


    There not a scam, there just crap in general.

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    I used them before. I don't think I'll ever use free hosting now. Paid hosting is so much better and you can get it really cheap at Web Hosting Fox and its good.

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