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    Any reviews for

    Well, this is not the review for the site or its layout..i am looking for the reviews of its service..i am looking to host my proxy sites there. I checked proxies hosted by them and they are pretty fast.

    So I wanted to know if you had any experience with them?? If you find any thread in any forum then please post the link here..


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    Their prices aren't very economic at, instead of the bigger package you take, the lower the price will be (Procentual) they just make it higher and higher

    But since their prices are pretty high, why don't you go to TechEntrance.Com? I found a coupon for their hosting on DP that gives 50% discount...
    comming soon

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    Well, even after the discount coupon TEWD they are quite expensive for me

    I need approx 50GB bw and fusedhosting provides is cheaper than TE..

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    Well 7,50$ isn't that much though? And you're sure your proxies stay online 24/7 with zero downtimes And a fast speed of course

    Fused is only 3,75$ indeed but heck.. you'll get more RoI if you're using TechEntrance in my opinion

    So it could be that they're pretty good

  5. Ya..the owner is a mod at namepros..and currently i am tied between tmzhosting(yours ), fused and TE..

    nice to see you are being impartial and not promoting yourself..

    You get a from me..
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