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Thread: Anyone recommend podcasting hosting?

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    Anyone recommend podcasting hosting?

    I've been thinking of producing podcasts for my various websites, and I don't particularly want to host them on free podcast sites. So I spoke to my regular host who have never let me down, and they tell me I need a dedicated server. Their cheapest server is around $125 per month. I'm sure the service will be excellent, but I don't have that kind of budget for podcasts that I'll be giving away.

    So, I have two choices, either find a sponsor, or find an alternative host that offers a much cheaper service. The podcasts I'll be producing will be documentaries about Southern Spain and sound recordings for people learning English. I expect each podcast could be around 10-15 minutes at 128kbs.

    Is anyone else creating podcasts and hosting them privately? If so, how are you doing it, and what do you advise for hosting?

  2. Well i think that a VPS would do as well,you dont need to spend $100+ on a dedicated server

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