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Thread: Best free host for me

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    Ok so i've never used a host apart from the free host that my forum is on. What is the best free host that i should use for this forum

    I want to add loads of mods after i move. I will be purchasing a copy of the database, which FreeForums is charging me for


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    Site isn't loading. Anyways go for a free host that provides cPanel.

    Don't go for byethost, though they are famous, but you site will become vulnerable to various problems.

    Check out this site, will surely help you


    It has various categories, choose the one that suits your site and find out the best host for you

    Good Luck mate!

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    I'll agree with Aki. Look for a free host which offers cPanel, and look at reviews of the host. Don't go with someone (*cough*x10Hosting/000Webhost*cough*) that is filled with bad reviews. I have three I usually recommend, but all three are not accepting registrations at this time. Hosting your own forum increases the flexibility of what you can do with your forums, regardless of software.

    EDIT: Never mind, one's back up. - - However, be sure to back up your files very often. I have two docs on how to do that.

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    Go to ZetaBoards, they offer software and hosting all you do it register and there is a forum for you to use and there are so much resources and the adminCP is easy to configure.

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    Not sure if ZB is the best decision. Does ZB allow you to access your database? I am sure you can have FTP rights of some sort, but does it allow the access to the DB, the reason I ask is because if he planned on moving to a better host maybe a year down the road or something, wouldn't he have to pay ZB to release the DB information?

    This then would mean he would be wasting his money, maybe not his time, but he would be wasting his money.

    If anything find atleast a host that allows you to do two things:

    1.Allow you access to your database (So you do not have to make the hassle of paying 30 bucks or w/e the stupid price is) to move.

    2.Allow you access to a Cpanel and or an FTP access point.

    This isn't the only 2 things you would need to look into, however, in my opinion their 2 of the most important things that are on the list.

    Always make sure to read reviews, and testimonials (even though I wonder if they would really show the bad ones?).

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    True Macster, true. They never have allowed anyone access to databases without money being involved, Sitefrost is a good host but they have had a lot of loading problems in the past plus it is post2host each month, or you could try HostJiffy where you only need 3 posts for a great starter package but they are updating now with a theme and design.

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