Hey everyone,

There's lots of different kinds of web hosting companies out there so I thought I'd make a short guide to finding a web hosting service that's right for you.

Free Webs, Google Sites, GeoCities...These are just a few of the many web hosting options that are available to webmasters these days. While people spend weeks searching for a decent provider, however, they lose time (and money) that they could be spending on other important things. That's why I'm letting everyone know about 000Webhost.com (who, by the way, get their name from the fact that their service is free - $0.00). I use this company for all of my websites, both personal and business alike. Why do I use it? Because it offers great features with no ads. No ads - zip, nada, none, finito, non-existant, absolutely, positively no ads anywhere on your hosting unless you specifically put them there.

000WebHost.com provides all of their customers with huge amounts of web space and bandwidth. If you go with the free account, you'll still get 1500 MB of web space and 100 GB of bandwidth per month. You heard me right. That's for free. If you sign up for either fee-based plan, you get unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. Apparently they can do this because servers are now so cheap that they get 1 TB for only $40 a month, so if they ever run out then all they have to do is plug in another server to the network and away they go with loads more customers. 000WebHost.com also offers great features like cPanel, ecommerce options, ftp, backups, easy site builders, easy file managers, two separate lists of programs that you can easily install on your account with the click of a button (you can't miss it: it says "Install"), and many other cool features that most other hosting companies simply don't offer. So go check it out. What do you have to lose?

Affiliate and Reseller Programs
000WebHost.com offers an affiliate program to make money with your account, just by getting people to sign up! If you feel like signing up, btw, my personal affiliate is Hosting24.com - First Class Web Hosting Services. The affiliate program is a great way to earn income, as 000WebHosting.com (also known as hosting24.com. Don't worry, it's the same company.) provides you with two separate and equally exciting opportunities to refer people for cold hard cash. The first option is to get paid for every time someone joins: this would be somewhere between $75 and $150, which means that if just 10 people signup through you, that's a nice $1,000 that you can put in your pocket. Not bad for someone who's not even offering the service themselves.

The second option is to get paid fifty percent of all sales referred by you. That means no matter what plan they choose, be it Silver, Gold, the Starter Reseller Plan, or the Business Reseller Plan, you'll make 50% percent. As each month is generally around $7.50-$10.00 for the regular plans (the paid ones that is, 000WebHosting.com still offers the free plan) and between $12-$24 for the reseller plans, that means that if you can get 10 people to sign up through your referral program, you'd make a good $100-$120 every month. Hell, if you can get 100 people to sign up through you, you'd never have to worry about paying the rent anymore. I know what you're thinking: How on Earth do I get 100 people to sign up through me? Well that's simple: Hosting24 allows you to build your own reseller websites, host banners with your unique Hosting 24 id secretly hidden in the link, have your own text links with the id secretly hidden in the text, and even offer coupons (discounts) to help attract people to signup. With all this combined, you'll be making money for you and for the company.

With the reseller program, you can sell their services for as much as you want, as if they were your very own services. In my opinion, go with the Starter Reseller program, as the Business Reseller account only offers the additional feature of a website builder (which can be found online for free and simply uploaded to your account as a module), but is twice as much as the Starter Program. If you're only paying $12 a month for the Starter Program and you can get 100 customers for your own hosting company (which is nothing when it comes to hosting companies) to each pay $10 a month, that would not only basically cover your hosting fees with the first customer, but it would make you $1,000 a month without even doing anything. Hosting24 will cover your customer support, web space and bandwidth, and all of the other features that you will be offering. All you're doing is taking their services and slapping your own name on it. What easier way to make money is there?

So now that we've covered everything about 000WebHosting (Hosting24), you can now be on your way to not only having the best services on the Net for your own websites, but you can also make money by doing it.

My affiliate address is once again Hosting24.com - First Class Web Hosting Services. No reason not to help a guy out with his income when you don't even have to do anything. If you have any questions about all of this, feel free to ask. I'll try to help everyone as much as I can.

Thanks for reading,
Brandon Dennis