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    What do you all think of BlueHost?

    Yes it is an overseller, but it's also a very good host with good uptimes. I'm pretty sure the CPU limits are too low though.

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    Re: BlueHost

    Horrid. I was with them for a month and it was sooo bad. Low CPU Limits, Overselling, Bad Support, Slow Servers. etc.

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    I maintain an account with them, and have for well over a year. I can honestly say that their support is above average, response time is good as well. I can also comment on the fact they oversell and have horrid CPU limits, it's 100% true.

    I use them for a few static pages and an email account. If it wasn't for the fact I purchased 2 years from them I would have switched by now.

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    Never heard of it. I assume it's a paid hosting site.

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