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Thread: Cheapest Domain Hosting?

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    GoDaddy looks cheap until renewal comes in.

    Namecheap is probably the cheapest domain hosting company in the net.

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    I use godaddy as you can get a domain for $7.49 with a promo code...

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    I'm not sure which has the cheapest, I got mine from my host(Web Hosting Fox).

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    I got mine form my host just to help them out.

    I'd use GoDaddy or Name Cheap though.

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    Customer Service-wise, Dynadot is the way to go. However, I got my last domain from Netfirms because of a major sale. I haven't had to complain so far about either.

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    I use for my domain as its the cheapest ive come across. They are also well known and very big!

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    Namecheap for me, plus they have coupons which reduce the cost even more.

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    Godaddy is cheapest, others require credit card, and later they will raise there prices.

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    godaddy maybe? i got a .info domain for $1 only

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    Godaddy is the cheapest if you are using the promo code. However, I prefer to buy the domain from my hosting provider, and honestly saying that godaddy hosting is not so good (but their domain is best). And therefore, i prefer namecheap, namecheap hosting is one of the best and their domain is cheap enough too

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