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Thread: Cheapest VPS ?

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    I bought the best and good VPS hosting here at cheap cost...If you need you can try this one...

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    This is a pretty old thread, but Low End Box - Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing & Reviews is where I look for great VPS deals.

    Basically a blog which lists low end boxes costing $7 per month or less. It's hosted from a low end box with 80MB RAM itself xD.

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    Nice sharing but all VPS plan never good when we talk about money. Service depend on money investment. Cheap service provider do not make you happy in comparison of best VPS provider.

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    I know BalticServers- All Data Centers services they are offering VPS with 50% discount and cPanel control panel.

    BalticServers- All Data Centers services

    They have modern own datacenter, so quality its very good.

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    I think the best VPS or not can be judged basing on the personal experience of the web master.

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    I think one can judge about host if he has a personal experience with them.

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    I think it's a complicated notion.

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    It looks like self-promo.

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