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Thread: Cheapest VPS ?

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    Where can you buy cheap but good virtual private servers ? Godaddy has good VPS but their price is too high. What would be the best price for VPS+Cpanel ?

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    If you can live with unmanaged hosting, I'd recommend cloud servers.
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    I've been using SerVint, and it works AMAZINGLY. I use ServInt for all my proxies, but you can of course use their servers for any websites

    Check out a website of mine here (to test the speed of one of their VPS): Guard Tunnel Proxy - Unblock MySpace and Facebook, Browse Safely and Anonymously

    And they give you great resources too. Plus their servers have this awesome auto-reboot feature so that if they ever go down, they are rebooted and are back online within 30 seconds. I've never had more than 4 minutes of total downtime in the last two months!!!

    Please use the link in my signature if you are going to go with ServInt
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    I'm not much on the whole VPS crowd, but has some nice deals once in a while, and sometimes for the whole VPS price, you can get an Atom server.
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    I've seen some interesting deals on WHT (webhostingtalk) forums; sometimes, you get some really low priced deals (sub $5).

    However, watch out for the cheap offers; quite often these are from new startups who haven't got their business model together, or from heavily oversold providers who have lousy support.

    Not cheap, but decent budget deals; check out fdcservers.

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    I would stay far away from godaddy hosting
    I've been using Fluid Hosting: FreeBSD and Windows Hosting for a few years and have been very happy with them
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    Im using Inmption and so far they are pretty good for me.
    Honestly if you'll ask me then go with Inmotion because for VPS you need good support, and they do have it.
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  9. Sometimes you get what you pay for. But I recommend Future Hosting - they only deal in VPSs and dedicated servers.

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    Quillhost has vps plans from $4.99.

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